Born and raised in Hong Kong, CHOOLI received her Master’s degree of Media and Gender Studies before working in women’s wear design.

With an artistic practice that began in 2023, CHOOLI often works as her own model and has captured herself in a range of guises and personas as the faces of her subjects throughout her artworks. Drawing on a wide range of cultural inspirations such as 80s cartoon and vintage toys, CHOOLI’s painting style combines bold and vibrant colour palettes to create eye-catching visuals. Bearing powerful words, her dynamic art is a journey and exploration of identity and female figures.

CHOOLI, superpower, 2023


CHOOLI, slowly but surely, 2024 (sold)


CHOOLI, dance like you are in love, 2024 (sold)


Image courtesy of the artist

Chooli's artworks are available to purchase here and view in person at GAROME.d view at GAROME.

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