"Painting has been a meditative journey to me and I see each artwork as my genuine blessing to the viewers and collectors. I hope my art brings happiness and harmony."

Born in Hong Kong and grew up in London, TTS is an artist hoping to guide viewers to reflect on the importance of the emotion of happiness in life despite its frequent fluctuations. Inspired by the techniques of ancient Chinese monochrome glazed porcelain and embossed patterns, TTS integrates ancient aesthetics with contemporary motifs on canvases of simple yet profound colours. Using handwritten, repetitive layering techniques to build up an array of emotionally driven tactile elements, such as Han character 「笑」(Smile) and upward-downward smiley face motif, TTS transforms the canvases into contemplative spaces with quiet yet dynamic energy.

Signature Painting Series - Hundred Smiles《百笑圖》

Inspired by ancient folk art “Hundred Fortune and Longevity”(百福/壽圖), TTS brings a modern twist to this tradition with a new focus on the emotion of happiness, a notion, other than "Fortune" and "Longevity", of equal importance in modern life. 







TTS' paintings are now available to view and collect at GAROME, come see them in person during opening hours:

Tues-Fri: 1-7pm | Sat-Sun: 11-7pm
Closed on Mon / PH

For catalogue or any other inquires, whatsapp: +852 62985655


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