ARTIST | TTS (the tiny smile)

ARTIST | TTS (the tiny smile)

“Happiness for me is the presence of all other emotions: life, death, sickness, anxiety, fear…I feel that only by being present and accepting the ups and downs in life can we find happiness.


Born in Hong Kong and grew up in London, TTS is an artist exploring the emotional depth and contrasts experienced with the arising and ceasing of feelings – “fictionality and trueness”. She believes that Art is a tool to help her engage with herself and the world she is in today.

Having always experienced anxiety in social situations, painting has become a meditative and ritualistic journey to TTS. In her artworks, she harnesses the power of monochrome and duo-colour, scale and repetition which calls for self-analysis and questioning on our own existence.

TTS transforms canvases into contemplative spaces with quiet yet dynamic energy. Drawing inspirations from Chinese monochrome glazed porcelain and embossed pattern techniques, TTS integrates ancient aesthetics with contemporary motifs on canvases with simple yet profound colours.

By repeating the Chinese character 「笑」(Smile) to create an original pattern, or her’ signature upward-downward smiley motif, TTS vividly brings a modern twist to traditional Chinese artistic techniques, guiding viewers to reflect on the importance and significance of the emotion of happiness in life despite its frequent fluctuations.






TTS' artworks are available to purchase here and view in person at GAROME.

For catalogue or any other inquires, please contact us via or whatsapp: +852 62985655.